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About Us 

We created DoubleDown Odds to give sports bettors a reliable tool that increases their profitability. Our platform is designed to help you recognize live betting and arbitrage betting opportunities and act on them quickly before they disappear. It also reduces your chances of being severely limited by most major sportsbooks, helping maintain your profitability. 


DoubleDown Odds removes guesswork and the need to do real time calculations before placing your bets, both of which cost valuable time and leave you open to making mistakes. With extremely low latency odds, you see real time odds updates, usually within 200ms of them being updated on the sportsbooks, as well as exactly where the current opportunities are, how much to bet, and what the expected profit will be. 

How we got started: The story of our Founder, David

David got into sports betting for the same reason that most people do, to make watching sports more fun and to potentially make a little money while doing it. 


Here’s how he describes his sports betting journey: 


“When online sports betting started becoming more popular, I was curious about it, but I didn’t immediately jump on the bandwagon. I’m pretty risk averse and was never really into gambling. But then I received a flier for a $5K “risk free bet” from DraftKings. I decided to figure out a way to bet both sides of the bet to maximize guaranteed profits. I did a lot of searching, calculating, and aggregating odds from all the different books. Then, shortly after that, I discovered DarkHorse Odds, which essentially does all that work for you to find the best bets based on your specific criteria. I made some modest profits, and I was hooked. From then on, I was on the search for larger and more consistent guaranteed profits.” 


VIP and +EV betting 


“Shortly after discovering DarkHorse and matched betting, I started learning about VIP programs. I milked them as much as I could to take advantage of deposit matches and promotions, but I found that becoming and maintaining VIP status can take effort and sometimes just luck. Plus, it is difficult to maintain profits indefinitely, so simply trying to be VIP wasn’t a great long term strategy. Around the same time, I also started trying +EV betting (positive expected value betting). But with +EV betting, I found that I personally wasn’t willing to put in the time and work required to find and calculate the correct bets; I didn’t love having to stomach the variance for the expected long term profit; and I found that I was starting to get limited at certain books due to betting smaller markets. So I kept looking for something simpler that could deliver better profits longer.” 

Live betting and DoubleDown Odds 


“Eventually, I heard that live betting could give you better free bet conversions and even better arbitrage betting opportunities. I looked into existing tools to help take advantage of those types of bets, but most were all too slow. By the time I saw an opportunity, it would be gone, because the odds no longer matched what was on the sportsbooks. So I decided to create my own tool that would deliver the odds much faster and tell you exactly which bets to make on which sportsbooks, and how much you could expect to profit.” 



sportsbetting tool

A tool based on real experience

DoubleDown Odds was built based on real world experiences to help sports bettors. Starting with a basic, very low latency tool, David, then others on the DoubleDown Odds team, and eventually real users have constantly refined and improved it, trying it with different sports and seeing how the different sportsbooks reacted. The result is a platform that can greatly increase the profitability of advanced sports bettors and significantly decrease the chances of debilitating limits.

Take advantage of our 8 day free trial and 50% off your first month!


DoubleDown Odds LLC is not responsible for any losses incurred, always double check odds before placing wagers. The tool simply provides fast and consolidated best-effort data on odds. Live betting is not risk free. The tool is provided as-is,things may occasionally break. We will strive to fix issues as we are users ourselves, but we provide no guarantee that everything works all the time. Please take advantage of the trial period to validate this works for you. We prioritized speed and latency over even stability sometimes, there may be instances where the tool seems buggy, odds seem stuck, or other issues. Tweaking which books/markets/leagues are loaded may be required.

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