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Using the Live Odds

Consolidated Matched Bets



Manual Calculators

Use these to enter manual odds to quickly re-calculate low holds (left) and Free/Bonus bets (right) when odds change.


Quick Bet Change

Quickly Change the bet amount used in the matched bet calculations on the main odds screen.



Change all you major settings such as matched bet type, color/profit thresholds, sportsbooks, and more


Move and Collapse

Drag and drop each league section to the order you prefer or collapse them when you don't need to see them.


Pin and Hide

Quickly pin games to a separate "PINNED" section at the top of your screen or hide them to the bottom.

06. The Matched Bet


$ and % Win

What dollar amount and percentage amount you will profit if that side of the bet wins. Amounts are based on the bet type from settings, for example a Free Bet will show your converted profit as a percentage of the Free Bet.

Book Linking

Clicking on text from one side of the bet will link you to the matchup page for that given book and copy the bet amount to your clipboard so you can quickly paste it.


Indicate what criteria will be met if that side of the bet wins (except purple

  • Green: Profit percentage exceeds your minimum from settings

  • Blue: Profit percentage exceeds your desired percent from settings

  • Red: Profit is below your minimum. May occur due to rounding

  • Purple: Represents when a book has positive expected value (EV), the darker the shade of purple the higher the EV is

Fair Value Odds + EV %

Yellow odds bubble

The yellow odds appearing below the book odds appear when a bet meets your criteria and is colored blue/green/purple. The odds in yellow represent the implied "Fair Value" odds based on the calculation selected in your settings.
The yellow percentage under the sportsbook icon represents the expected value (EV) of those odds based on the fair value odds

Odds Drilldown

Click on the odds or line

Click on the odds or line to drilldown and view live odds updates for the given line from ALL books, including fair value odds and EV information for each book.


Bet Indicators

Right click to enter the menu

Click on a book to toggle the X indicator. This will change the icon of the given book to help prevent you from betting that line on the given book.
Useful to prevent re-betting or betting opposite sides of a line.


Bet Amount

The bet amount for one side of the matched bet


Which leagues to load

Book Order

If there is a tie for odds, the first book in the list is displayed

Target Book

Which book has the bonus, or for TARGETED_LOW_HOLD will force this book to appear and the profit % will be based only on the bet amount for this book

EV Settings

Select what EV information you want displayed as well as how implied fair value odds are calculated

State Code

The state/province where you are located. Only used to generate the correct url link

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 10.07.42 AM.png


Add/Remove/Select preset settings. Currently only saved per computer+browser and does not follow you on new computers

Is Underdog

Indicates if the "Bet Amount" field is used for the underdog or favorite


Which books to load

Bet Type

Select your bet type. Choosing PROFIT_BOOST will add a "Boost Percentage" field and selecting "QUALIFYING_LOSS" will add a "Loss bonus" field. "Loss bonus" should be the dollar value of the bonus received on a loss

Min/Desired Profit

Minimum and desired profit amounts, used for color indicators described by Feature 06

Max Wager Settings

Set the maximum values for bet and/or potential profit amount per book, league, and/or market. Useful when you are limited on books

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