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A Tool for Sports Bettors: How DoubleDown Odds Works

Whether you are arbitrage betting, looking for free bet conversions, optimizing a profit boost, or want to maximize “risk free” bets, DoubleDown Odds simplifies the process and makes it easier to be successful when betting in-game. You’ll see the most up-to-date odds for live sports betting, you can view the best odds and conversions on a single screen, and the features of our tool allow you to see opportunities and place bets fast.  


It is a must have tool for serious sports bettors. 

Take advantage of our 8 day free trial and 50% off your first month!

Tool Features

Very low latency 

Opportunities come and go very quickly as odds change. With extremely low latency (the lowest in the industry), you see odds usually within 200ms of them being updated on the sportsbooks.


Pre-calculated bets 

Our tool pre-calculates bet amounts on both sides and aggregates the best two sides of the bet in one matched bet, so you don’t have to scan through a full odds screen to find the best book/odds. 


Profitability threshold 

Set the minimum profitability for different arbitrage or free bet opportunities, so when one meets your threshold, it will light up on the screen, with the required bet amounts prefilled on both sides. This helps you act quickly, before the opportunity disappears. 

Control what you see

Add or remove supported sportsbooks and sports leagues, pin games to the top, and hide games you are not interested in to keep your screen as clean as possible. 


Direct linking

When an arbitrage betting or promotional bet conversion opportunity presents itself between two sportsbooks, you can click on a link that will take you directly to the specific game page on each book and copy the bet amount to your clipboard. This feature allows you to easily navigate placing your bets, making you faster to execute both sides, especially if you don’t have the screen space to have all the books pulled up at the same time. 


Easy to use manual calculator 

There is a built in calculator for arb betting and free bets in case the live odds change and you need to change your hedge bet amount. 

Supported Markets

  • Mainline betting

    • Moneyline ​

    • Spread

    • Totals

  • Types of bets 

    • Arbitrage ​

    • Low hold

    • Free bets/bonus bets

    • "Risk free" bets

    • Profit boost 

    • Qualifying loss

Supported Leagues

  • MLB

  • NHL

  • NBA

  • NFL



Supported Books

  • Caesars

  • DraftKings

  • FanDuel

  • BetMGM


  • PointsBet

  • BetRivers

  • HardRock

  • PlayEagle

  • FireKeepers

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